Smart Technology for the Golfer and Golf Club

Software you didn't know you needed, until you actually used it.  Yes we maintain your official Golf Canada™ handicap account for you, which is critical to every golfer's ability to compete on a level playing field with any golfer, and we do so much more.  GlobalView provides golfers with Smart Golf Tools™ that simplify the use of technology to organize games, score electronically in real time, maintain and use handicap strokes on any USGA™ rated golf course in the world, generate complex competition scenarios, capture photo highlights, share rounds with friends and more, all while making the game in your bag more competitive and fun.

Smart Golfer™

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Golfnology's Golf Competition Generators™ give you accurate and instant results:

Dynamic, simple to use real time Smart Golf Tools™ automatically keep a vAdvantage Golfer Index™ and apply your strokes to the designated holes ensuring you are competing on a level playing field with any golfer, every round.  During and after a round use the competition and leader board generators to provide real time quick and accurate results for any kind of competition.  As well, scores captured in real time by the Smart Golf Card™ can be posted directly to an official USGA™ handicap account, such as a Golf Canada™ account, with a single point and click.

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Golfnology's Smart Golf Tools™ look after the following for you:

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Smart Golf Club™

What if you had real time intelligence on all the golfers playing on your course?  Imagine how you could enhance your club's program to keep golfers coming back to play by engaging them in club activities every round.  GlobalView provides golf clubs with easy to use Smart Club Tools, free, so clubs can dynamically include any golfer, using the Smart Golf Card while playing on their course, in any type of club activity every time they play.  As well, attract more youth to your club by providing them with the tools to share their Smart Golf Life, in real time, like they share their lives on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Golfnology's Smart Club Tools look after the following for golf clubs:

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Your Club's Digital Golf Program Future

Golfnology provides an Integrated Systems Methodology for Golf Clubs that implements an open foundation and support for the seamless integration of specialized third party applications.  It allows you to control the application of technology, maintain the integrity of your data, and grow your digital program using the tools you prefer at a practical and convenient pace into the future.  Download our quick start beta test guide , then sign up, it's free for clubs, and start a beta test at your golf club.

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