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Imagine if today's scorecard would enter you in world wide, private group, club competitions, and could be used to compete with friends playing anywhere in the world, all at the same time!  Even in competitions you didn't know you were in that had valuable of prizes and no entry fees!  What if it used your USGA (Golf Canada) handicap strokes for any tee you were playing, even maintained your official index (Golf Canada) account for you!  What if you didn't need a smart phone, of even had to interact on a computer with the scorecard for more than a minute each round!  Pretty powerful stuff right, well, welcome to Golfnology™ and it's flagship software, GlobalView Golf™, it's real and fully operational.  Add more fun to the game in your bag!  Let GlobalView's golfer friendly Smart Golf Tools™ and integrated Golf Social Network™ software manage your real time scoring, competition simulations and all golf's numbers for you so you can concentrate just on your game.  GlobalView Golf is cloud based application software, nothing to download, and runs on "any" computer or smart phone.  Join up for free, or

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