Get Your USGA™ Handicap Index - You're Now Part of the World of Golf

Having a handicap index makes golf more fun as it levels the playing field so all golfers can compete, regardless of skill level.  Golfnology™ automatically and transparently maintains a free vAdvantage Golfer Index™ for you, which is different than a USGA index, that you can use amongst your friend's competitions, however, if you have a Golf Canada™ membership, Golfnology can maintain an official USGA™ handicap index, calculate course handicaps and hole strokes for you through the data integration with, sponsored by Golf Canada™.  It provides clubs with Smart Club Tools™ to selectively and randomly engage you in club activities.  All rounds of golf captured using Golfnology's Smart Golf Tools™ can be posted to Golf Canada member accounts directly from Golfnology's Smart Golf Card™ Summary, at any time.  Join GlobalView Golf, start using your free Smart Golf Tools™, go to your favourite golf course and ask about acquiring your official USGA handicap index and really get involved the world of golf.